Hear Us

We believe teamwork is more efficient

Scalable product design is our core belief

At Silaas, we continuously discuss on our core value - scalability. It is our mindset that scalable product helps in customer growth, smoothen the internal operations and create value to businesses.

Alex Bhattarai CEO at Silaas Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Success is a team effort

A team is like a river which gets over obstacles when required and changes course to more efficient direction. We believe success is team-driven endeavour.

Pawan Pokharel COO at Silaas Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Ideas are formulated from proper communication

Execution of any plans require a well defined structure. It requires time and effort of a number of people to bring new angles on structuring a plan. Without proper communication delays are unavoidable and deadlines are unrealistic.

David Bhattarai Managing Director at Silaas Technologies Pvt. Ltd.